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General questions

What about servopharm Inc India?
Servopharm Inc. India SSI manufacturing and marketing sachets as customers need along PET/ ALU /POLY and PET/ ALU /POLY laminated sachets for valuable molecules for pharmaceutical manufacturing unit Consultation for export packaging Consultation For outsourcing for commercial printing jobs for industry.
What is the speciality of sachets?
Servopharm Inc. India manufacturing and marketing sachets enviro barrier Isolated pack system applicable all types Ingredients for export and commercial pack and promotional laminates used PET/ ALU /POLY and PET/ ALU /POLY,First time pre sterile sachets as order Sterile sachets by Gamma radiation for biological manufacturing units to store biological valuable products.
Can you provide printing sachets?
We can help to give consultation Sourcing management work can hand over to our pre-qualified printer Job will be completed it should bulk order not less 500 kg batch for same single pack in case printing job we can forward this job to our qualified vendor.
Can provide a certificate of analysis for a packaging certificate?
Yes we provide certificate packaging is complies as regulatory requirement it required when exporters are exporting API pharm to out of India
What is the time required to complete the order ?
It is depend up on order minimum order should not less 10,000 because small order we are not executing MOQ condition apply for supply of product minimum time ONE and maximum 2 weeks as value of order ,No credit 50 % advance and 50 after despatch no credit ,payment only by cheque DD bank transfer no cash handling.
What are achievements for servopharm?
Recommendation By CSIR National Chemicals Laboratory pune, & Servopharm received winner award 5 th by India packaging Award Mumbai 2017 Which is arranged by UBM. Product used is tried and trusted by laboratory NCL and Agharkar Institute Pune.our sachets reached all over the world by Indian pharma exporters. Promotional pack and commercial pack up 25 kgs.
What advantage does this pack have?
It is enviro barrier pack isolated system barrier for all microorganism and sunlight Water Moisture air barrier oxygen nitrogen barrier Advantage Impurities profile remain as it is no increments in impurities due PET aluminium poly sachets Impurities found at time of packaging, the same impurities remain up to expiry.
Are you exporting pre sterile sachet globally for biological ingredients and laboratories?
We trying to export pre sterile sachets globally bulk quantity batch size sachets 5000 As need of customer Import Export LIC in processWe are trying to reach a biological sterile manufacturing unit to pack sterile products in pre sterile ready sachets, easy to save time and avoid risk of contamination.

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